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Welcome to APUI
Your Gateway to Global Education

The Association of Polish Universities for Internationalization (APUI) is a pivotal organization that champions the cause of international education in Poland. We act as a collaborative platform that strategically enhances the international stature and academic capabilities of Polish higher education institutions.


For Students

We provide students with unparalleled access to world-class education opportunities through English-language programs, scholarships, and exchange options throughout the European Union. By studying at prestigious Polish universities, students benefit from comprehensive adaptation support, opportunities to participate in international research, and the chance to build expansive professional networks. Curious about how APUI can transform your educational experience?

For Universities

For educational institutions,we serve as a conduit to elevate their presence on the global stage. By joining APUI, universities can enhance their competitive edge, attract top-tier students from around the world, support diverse language programs, and engage in prestigious events. APUI aids in raising the standards of research and education while increasing access to essential funding and fostering extensive international collaborations.
Interested in exploring the global opportunities APUI offers your institution?

We are ready to help you achieve your education goals.


We support the development of international student and academic staff exchange programs. We actively promote Polish higher education abroad.


We address the challenges of international education in Poland. We support the development of intercultural, linguistic and social competencies.


We are a partner in building the international dimension of Polish higher education.


We help expand the talent pool by recruiting students and staff from various countries and establishing partnerships.


We assist in designing and developing English-language programs that meet the current needs of the job market.