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Global practices, local benefits: we help internationalize your university

Discover the potential of an international network supporting the development and prestige of your university

Increase competitiveness

Openness to international cooperation and a strong reputation in the international arena will attract the best students, researchers and academic staff to your university

Secure recruitment levels

Foreign students fill the recruitment gap caused by the demographic situation in Poland and help you launch new fields of study and specializations. You will gain access to selected groups of the best foreign candidates, your future ambassadors

Bilingual programs support

With our help in designing and implementing foreign language courses, you will attract international students and academics and strengthen the university’s global reputation

Academic development

exchange programs will enable your students to develop intercultural, linguistic and social skills, and workshops, conferences and seminars organized by APUI will improve the qualifications and international competences of the academic staff

Guality of research and education

International research cooperation will give you access to a variety of resources, experts and research infrastructure, which will lead to higher quality research and innovation, as well as raise teaching standards at your university

Increased sources of financing

Support in identifying and applying for international funds, grants and subsidies will open new sources of financing and enable advanced research and develop infrastructure. APUI’s team of experts has already secured financing for educational projects exceeding PLN 200 million for Polish universities

International partnerships

Open the door to international research projects and joint teaching programs

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Membership fees

Institutional membership fees:

up to 2000

PLN 4000 annual fee
  • full membership

2000 - 5000

PLN 8000 annual fee
  • full membership

more than 5000

PLN 12000 annual fee
  • full membership