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We help universities develop bilingual programs, so you can study in English, eliminating the language barrier.

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You’ll have access to international exchange programs and scholarships that open the door to global educational experiences.

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Choose from the best universities in Poland and select a program tailored to your interests and future career qualifications.

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We provide guidance on administrative matters such as visa acquisition, university registration, and finding housing, making your adaptation smoother.

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You’ll get opportunities to connect with other students, academics, and professionals globally, which can be invaluable for both your education and your career.

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With international exposure and a network of contacts, you’ll discover unique internship and employment opportunities, both in Poland and abroad.

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We promote scientific collaboration between universities, giving you the chance to participate in international research projects and conferences.

How to apply?

By joining APUI and taking part in the examination process, you have the opportunity not only to gain access to the best universities without additional exams, offering the most interesting and future-oriented fields of study conducted by practitioners, but also to win many scholarships, thus supporting your education and professional development. Join us today and open the door to a rich and promising future!

Step-by-step application procedure for candidates applying to be accepted on a fee-paying basis:

Foreigners are obliged to register and complete the application in the APUI electronic system, and send scans of documents via it. The documents sent by candidates are carefully checked at every stage of the recruitment procedure. In order to additionally verify the submitted data and confirm knowledge of the language in which the studies will be conducted, the candidate is asked to record an interview via the university system, during which he or she answers verification questions received only when the recording begins.
Only after verifying the documents, the level of language knowledge, and after paying the tuition fee, the candidate receives the documents necessary to apply for a visa – a certificate of admission of the foreigner to studies and an invitation containing detailed information about the studies. The person admitted to studies delivers the original documents together with their copies to the Recruitment Department immediately after arriving in Poland.

Required documents?

  1. Application form for admission to studies, generated and printed from the university system,
  2. A copy of the secondary school-leaving certificate or other document entitling to undertake studies, certified by the university, and in the case of applying for admission to second-cycle studies, a copy of the diploma of completion of at least first-cycle studies, certified by the university, and a diploma supplement,
  3. Certificate of completion of secondary school or studies,
  4. One current photograph (35x45mm) in accordance with the requirements applicable to the issuance of identity cards, legibly signed with the name and surname, as well as an identical photograph in electronic form,
  5. A copy of the proof of payment of the application fee (if applicable) and a copy of the proof of payment of the tuition fee,
  6. Medical certificate confirming the lack of contraindications to undertake education in the chosen field and form of education,
  7. A health insurance policy or a copy of the European Health Insurance Card for a given academic year or a certificate of coverage by general health insurance within the meaning of the Act of August 27, 2004 on health care services financed from public funds (Journal of Laws 2021.1285, as amended, amended) or confirmation of coverage by the insurer of treatment costs in the territory of the Republic of Poland (RP),
  8. A copy of the passport and a current visa or other document confirming the residence permit in the territory of the Republic of Poland, certified by the university,
  9. A copy of a document confirming knowledge of the Polish language certified by the university (if the foreigner is in possession of the document),
  10.  A copy of a document confirming knowledge of English, certified by the university (if the foreigner is in possession of the document and this document is required)
  11. A copy of the Pole’s Card certified by the university (if available),
  12. Vow
  13. Two signed copies of the study contract along with the signed Rector’s Order regarding fees, and in the case of minors, also by their parents/legal guardian.

Note: documents have to be translated into Polish by a sworn translator entered into the list of sworn translators kept by the Polish Ministry of Justice (for documents, certificates, diplomas obtained abroad only).
Database of sworn translators maintained by the Polish Ministry of Justice:
Scanned copies of the aforementioned documents should be uploaded to the Online Registration System. If a candidate qualifies for study, documents should be submitted to the International Student Office.

In addition, candidates who obtained their high school diploma (maturity/maturity certificate) or higher education diploma abroad must additionally submit a translation of the diploma and transcript of high school graduation grades when applying for first-cycle studies, and a translation of the diploma and diploma supplement when applying for studies. 2nd degree, translated by a sworn translator into Polish or English depending on the language of instruction. The condition for admission to first-cycle studies is to have a secondary school leaving certificate or another document entitling to undertake higher education. However, the condition for admission to second-cycle studies is to have at least a diploma of completion of first-cycle studies.

Candidates applying for admission to first-cycle studies who obtained their certificate abroad submit:

1. Certificates or other documents issued abroad by schools or educational institutions recognized by the country on whose territory or in whose education system they operate, recognized by an administrative decision as a document confirming education in the Republic of Poland entitling to apply for admission to higher education,
Or else
2. A document recognized on the basis of an international agreement as equivalent to the appropriate Polish secondary school leaving certificate or as entitling to undertake such studies in the Republic of Poland.

A certificate or other document issued abroad should be legalized or bear an Apostille. The condition regarding the recognition by way of an administrative decision of a certificate or other document issued abroad does not apply to a certificate or other document issued by a school or educational institution in the education system of a Member State of the European Union, a Member State of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a Member State of the European Agreement on Free Trade (EFTA), a party to the agreement on the European Economic Area, which entitles you to apply for admission to higher education in these countries.

At the stage of document consideration, we verify compliance of candidates’ documents with the requirements, most often using

why Poland?

Expansive Educational Choices

Poland boasts nearly 400 higher education institutions, offering more than 800 programs in English

Strategic Location in Europe

As a part of both the European Union and the Schengen Area, Poland sits at the heart of Europe

Low Unemployment

Poland holds the relatively low unemployment rate at stable level

High Safety Ranking

The Global Peace Index places Poland as the 29th safest out of 163 countries worldwide, significantly safer than the United States, which is ranked 121st

Economic Strength and Stability:

Poland features a robust and stable economy

Cost of Living

Among EU countries, Poland offers a relatively low cost of living

Cost-Effective Education

Universities in Poland offer affordable programs, with tuition fees starting at just 2500 EUR per year

Diverse Academic Cities

Students can choose from a variety of vibrant academic cities such as Wrocław, Kraków, Warsaw, Lublin, Białystok, Rzeszów, Poznań, and Gdańsk.

Diverse Academic Cities

Rich in diverse landscapes such as the sea, mountains, lake regions and vast forests, Poland offers not only natural beauty but also a wealth of cultural heritage, monuments, and cultural institutions, making it a fascinating place to visit