Association of Polish Universities (APUI) announces “Poland Scholarship Program”

a competition for final year students of secondary schools in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, India and Indonesia.
Scholarship program is organized by APUI on behalf of its members.


Association of Polish Universities
2019 Scholarship Exam Awards

Vistula university Warsaw University of Tourism and hospitality University of Business in Wroclaw Higher School of Olsztyn University of Economics and Human Sciences Rate of scholarship**
Number of Scholarships
*1-3 *1-3 *1-5 *1-10 1-3 100%
4-10 4-10 6-25 11-50 4-10 50%
11-25 11-25 26-50 51-100 11-25 25%
26-50 26-50 51-100 101-200 26-50 10%

*As seen in the table, different schools will provide different number of scholarships for successful students

**These rates are what the schools offer to different levels of success in the exam. When exam results are announced, students can choose whichever school they want depending on their ranking in overall exam results and the programs offered by that school

*Date of the online exam 18.06.2019

*Date of the final exam 25.06.2019

The competition consists of two stages.
The first stage is an online test. It will take place between March 1 – May 20, 2019 depending on academic year and special requirements of each country. Few days before the exam, Participants will be sent an email with the instructions and a clickable web-link that will be active only between certain hours on the exam date. Participants can take the online exam at a convenient location with Wi-Fi access and a PC. Winners of this stage will receive an email with details of where and when the second stage of the competition will take place.
The second stage (final exam) will be a multiple choice paper & pen exam. Both online and final exam will predominantly consist of mathematics questions. This stage will take place between 1 April – 30 June 2019 depending on academic year and special requirements of each country. From among all participants who took the exam in all countries, a list of 50 (fifty) highest scoring students will be drawn as competition winners. An Additional list of top performing students from each country will also receive rewards if they could not be among the top ten students in the overall winners’ ranking.


18.05.2019 – Online Test ( Other Countries)
19.05.2019 – Online Test  ( Kazakhstan )
26.05.2019 – Online Test ( Kyrgyzstan )
26.05.2019 – Online Test ( Uzbekistan )
26.05.2019 – Online Test ( Tajikistan )


25.05.2019 – Final Exam ( Other Counties )
31.05.2019 – Final Exam  ( Kazakhstan )
31.05.2019 – Final Exam  ( Kyrgyzstan )
31.05.2019 – Final Exam ( Uzbekistan )
31.05.2019 – Final Exam ( Tajikistan )


30.06.2019 – Announcement of winners of the contest